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Embrace your body
Empower you to shape a life you love

What's really great about this is that it compresses the abdomen without squeezing the thighs or buttocks.

It gives you an instantly toned look without any flabbiness or rolls.

Janet S.

I am 4 month postpartum. I don’t feel confident with my body. Shapelish solutionwear help me flattens my stomach made my pants fit better and boosted my confidence!

I even got compliments of how good I looked. It marks slightly around the thighs but nothing so noticeable.

Nadia M.

It was easy to pull up, the metal bars hold it up so no rolling down. It was comfortable on the legs as well.

The material is smooth and skin-friendly. Would be easy to wear all day.  As a matter of I forgot that I was wearing it.

Jenna R.

This made it look like I lost 15 pounds! I usually wear the ones you can get at target; assests. I like the material of these a lot better!

The effect of this product is very obvious, although I can't make my stomach thin in a short time. But it can immediately distribute the meat on my stomach evenly. I don't look so fat visually.

Vanessa C.

The feel is like cotton and feather light. It doesn't roll down from the top it has plastic underwires that holds it up

No muffin top when I wore this! Also, the waistband stayed up and did not roll down. It was comfortable also. This shapewear worked for me because I needed it to wear under a dress and eliminate a muffin-top which showed with my regular underwear. 

Emily G.

Pretty cocktail dresses, Birthday party, christmas parties, wedding this shapewear really helps me look my best in all my clothes,
smooths out your figure in your outifts so you looks extra nice

Isabella T.

 It gives me a gentle support and shape to my waist. I had two kids and my waist has dropped since and this body shaper makes my waist looking tighter.

It would be easy to wear all day. It fits perfectly and hides everything that needs to be hidden. I wore it under a tight sweater and jeans and I felt amazing.Definitely recommend.

Amanda K.